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WindNODE: Outlook on the future of renewables

WindNODE has great significance for Berlin and Brandenburg. Business and science are developing model solutions for the energy transition in a large number of innovative projects. In the entire WindNODE region, more than 70 partners work on 56 individual projects in nine workstreams, of which about 40 are in the capital region of Berlin and Brandenburg.

There are three individual projects in Cottbus:

  • Municipal Energy Management System (KEMS)
  • SMART Capital Region: Optimized forecasting and load control procedures in the smart grid
  • BigBatt - Energy Turnstile Lausitz

The states of Berlin and Brandenburg illustrate the outlook concept of WindNODE very well: there are two so-called "Visible Places" at the BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg, where the energy turnaround becomes clear: the "Power System Simulator" and the "Visitor Center Intelligent Energy Networks". In Berlin too, the intelligent energy system of the future will be made tangible in numerous places to visit.

These include e.g. the Energiewerkstatt on the EUREF campus of the GASAG Solution Plus, the shop window branches of Lidl and Kaufland in Berlin-Schöneberg and at Alexanderplatz, the DIN standards or the WindNODE Showroom Energiewende by 50Hertz in Berlin's Netzquartier.

WindNODE - Energy transition in northeastern Germany (german)

Three more places will be opening soon:

  • IBAR | „Energieleitwarte & KEMS“
  • Stadtwerke Frankfurt (Oder) | „Leitwarte und Wärmeübertragerstation“
  • Stadtwerke Hennigsdorf | „Power-to-Heat-Anlage“

Outlook on the future of renewables

WindNODE is subsidised for four years by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs (BMWi) as a ‘smart energy showcase’. This demonstrates a network of flexible energy consumers who can align their consumption of electricity with the intermittent offer of wind and solar power stations. The objective is the system integration of large volumes of renewable energy while also keeping the power grids stable. As such, transferable model solutions are developed that can also move the energy transition forward elsewhere.

A showcase to get involved and participate

The WindNODE partners want to show professionals as well as interested citizens that a smart energy system can, in fact, be functional. In the showcase region of north-eastern Germany, new technologies and services can be tested. We develop solutions that can be used as blueprints for other regions and states. Some of the components of such a smart energy system can be observed at over 20 WindNODE visitor sites. Factories, supermarkets and neighbourhoods open their doors and show how production, cooling and heating can be adjusted to the wind and sun. Our travelling exhibit ‘WindNODE Live!’ will provide a global overview and also represent the ideas for the new world of energy in an artistic manner. Those who want to can also actively participate in WindNODE, for instance in the scope of idea contests.