Landschaft mit Strommasten
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Energy Grids and Storage Systems

The energy revolution poses entirely new challenges for the transfer of electric current, storage possibilities and system integration. Renewable energies are being strongly supported while large power stations are being shut down.

Subsequently the formerly centralised supply structure is turning into a predominantly decentralised system, which is being significantly impacted by the naturally fluctuating feeding of solar and wind energy into the system.

The continually expanding use of renewable energies, which yield an output that fluctuates on a daily basis, demands an alteration of the energy systems. Overall system integration is necessary as well. The Cluster Energy Technology supports these developments and the use of new technologies and concepts.

Energy grids and storage units are therefore of particular importance within the Cluster. In this area, central issues regarding the grid integration of renewable energies require solutions.

The development of smart grids, storage concepts and innovative solutions for harmonising the energy demand and the energy supply is being advanced within this focus area and it has a substantial impact on the other areas of the Cluster. At the same time, the developments within other focus areas have a direct impact on the field of energy grids and storage units.

The Cluster strives towards finding a cross-topic systematic answer to the core questions related to the energy revolution.