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Our Partners in the Cluster

Aquatec Group

The company AQUATEC Hoch- & Niederdrucktechnik was the basis for today’s group of companies. In 2008 and in February 2013, the companies AQUATEC Energy and AQUATEC On- & Offshore Service GmbH were founded respectively. Both are based on and draw from the 20 years of operational experience that has been gathered. The Aquatec Group is a company that specialises in cleaning and renovation, for which it uses surface technologies of up to 3000 bar. The company can also rely on experience in the field of mobile water jet cutting technology.

Berlin-Brandenburg Energy Network e.V. (BEN)

The association Berlin-Brandenburg Energy Network e.V. (BEN) is a network and the central interest group of the energy revolution in Berlin-Brandenburg. It lies at the intersection of the fields of economy, politics and science, therefore promoting solutions for an effective execution of the energy revolution in the region. Furthermore, it supports the business activities of the sector.

Berliner NetzwerkE

Within the network “Berliner NetzwerkE” businesses and higher education institutions work together on the topics of energy efficiency and renewable energies. Berlin’s energy agency “Berliner Energieagentur” is responsible for the network management. Together the partners within the network develop joint innovative concepts, products and services with a focus on topics related to energy, which they subsequently turn into model projects. Berliner NetzwerkE is open towards new partners that wish to actively participate in shaping Berlin as an energy location.

Professor Dr. Berg & Kießling GmbH (B + K)

The company Professor Dr. Berg & Kießling GmbH (B + K) specialises in the development and construction of innovative and environmentally friendly energy-technical installations based on micro gas turbines. All products make it possible to use fossil energy sources sparingly and to use energy sources or residues – so-called hidden fuels – efficiently.

CEBra - Centrum für Energietechnologie Brandenburg e.V.

The association CEBra e.V. (“Centre for Energy Technology Brandenburg”) is the provider and initiator of the regional network “Moderne Kraftwerkstechnik” (“Modern Power Station Technology”). The network deals with modern power station technology and is anchored in the state of Brandenburg in the Cluster Energy Technology Berlin-Brandenburg. It is the initiator of various interdisciplinary industry projects in the field of energy, and as such CEBra e.V. complements the structures of the Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus-Senftenberg and of the market-oriented company CEBra GmbH.

Deutsche Technologie Manufakturen GmbH

The company DTM focuses mainly on consulting services and process analyses aimed at optimising energy generation plants (35 kW to 100 kW) that use hidden fuels. In the fields of technical sales, marketing, customer acquisition and market analysis DTM is at home on globally defined target markets. The company’s expertise is based on years of experience in a technical environment and on international projects; this experience is the very basis of the company’s success and the epitome of its philosophy: thoroughness, perfection and ingenuity.

EnerKíte GmbH

EnerKíte develops airborne wind power stations, which can produce eco-electricity in a consistent way at unrivalled cheap prices. The planned product portfolio ranges from container solutions starting at 100 kW all the way to installations for industrial electricity production of up to 2 MW.

Euro-K GmbH

The company Euro-K GmbH focuses on research-based engineering and construction activities for the development of special components (e.g. high-temperature particle separators and dual fuel burners). The company boasts comprehensive simulation and computational capacities in the areas of flow analysis, strength tests as well as process optimisations, which it uses for the analysis and development of individual components or overall systems. At the very heart of all the projects lies the micro gas turbine.

ESM Energy System Management GmbH

The ESM Energy System Management GmbH takes over the technical and commercial management of power stations in order to provide system services for the European electricity grid, predominantly for the German control area. Among other things it operates a virtual power station for the management of stationary mass storage units linked to photovoltaic systems in Niederlehme.


The company EWE VERTRIEB GmbH is a modern energy service provider with roots in the Ems/Weser/Elbe region as well as in Brandenburg and on the island Rügen. The company is a reliable and inexpensive energy supplier with about 1.6 million clients. It has a broad range of products and services, which is being complemented by the construction and operating of energy systems. Thereby, EWE combines traditional and innovative energy services for private households, the industry, public utility companies and municipalities.

GeoClimaDesign AG

The company GeoClimaDesign AG is a producer of capillary tube mats, surface heating and cooling systems for new constructions and the renovation of residential, commercial and industrial buildings. The company uses its products in the form of ceiling heating or cooling or it integrates them into walls or floors. In order to achieve this, it uses heat pump systems, hybrid systems and CHP systems and deploys them in low-temperature networks and the cooling of buildings without CO2. The company also offers products for the carbon-dioxide-free turf heating; among other things, systems preventing the forming of ice, photovoltaic solar thermal energy pairings and ice storages.

Eberswalde University for Sustainable Development (HNEE)

The Eberswalde University for Sustainable Development researches the potential of sustainable development in the fields of renewable energy, regional management, sustainable tourism, conservation, forestry, wood engineering, organic farming, adaptation to climate change and sustainable economics. Teaching and research are being conducted at and with partners in the region in a hands-on manner. The HNEE won the European EMAS Award in 2017 and it has been climate neutral since 2014.

Institut für Betriebliche Bildungsforschung Berlin (IBBF)

The IBBF (a research institute for topics of continuing vocational education and training in companies) develops research and development projects, innovative concepts and solutions for vocational education and training in companies and for work design. In close cooperation with our clients from the fields of politics and economy, these concepts are then developed and provided for real-life use. The range of services includes research and model projects, transfer of practice, case studies, empirical enquiries and evaluations as well as scientific support for funding programmes and innovation projects.

Kompetenzzentrum für Energiespeicherung und Energiesystemmanagement

The Competence Centre for Energy Storage Systems and Energy Systems Management (“Kompetenzzentrum für Energiespeicherung und Energiesystemmanagement”) of the Chamber of Craft Trades Potsdam is unique in the whole of Germany. It resides in the Centre for Trade Promotion (“Zentrum für Gewerbeförderung” or ZfG) in Götz and it will train skilled employees for the booming energy storage systems market. The training will be profound and provide excellent qualifications thanks to practice-oriented courses, seminars and consultation services.


The association SIBB e.V. is the interest group for companies in the field IT and Internet economy in Berlin and Brandenburg. It connects important players of the sector and represents their interests in politics and society, but it also promotes an active interaction with user companies of all the other sectors in the region. The association’s numerous events foster interactions, cooperation and knowledge growth. It regularly provides forums, networks, get-togethers and compact seminars. The SIBB’s “Digitalisierungsfinder” or “digitisation search tool” enables companies to quickly and easily find a suitable, competent provider.

Stadtwerke Hennigsdorf GmbH

Currently the public utility company Stadtwerke Hennigsdorf GmbH supplies 9,500 households, more than 50 companies and about 35 municipal institutions with district heating. Today half of the heat energy is already being produced from renewable sources. The project “Wärmedrehscheibe” or “Heat Hub” will increase the share of renewable sources; through waste heat utilisation in the local steel mill, the construction of a large-scale solar power station and of multipurpose storage devices, heat production will be carbon-dioxide-free to an extent of more than 80% by 2021. As of 2025, the utility company wants to produce 100% of the heat in a climate-neutral way.