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Cluster Manager

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Our network partners

Berlin-Brandenburg Energy Network e.V. (BEN)

The association Berlin-Brandenburg Energy Network e.V. (BEN) is a network and the central interest group of the renewable energies sector in Berlin-Brandenburg. It lies at the intersection of the fields of economy, politics and science, therefore promoting solutions for an effective execution of the energy revolution in the region. Furthermore, it supports the business activities of the sector.

Berliner NetzwerkE

Within the network “Berliner NetzwerkE” businesses and higher education institutions work together on the topics of energy efficiency and renewable energies. Berlin’s energy agency “Berliner Energieagentur” is responsible for the network management. The network considers itself to be a part of the Smart City Strategy of the State of Berlin and focuses on practice-oriented solutions for the interplay between human beings and technology in the energy industry.

Brandenburgische Energie Technologie Initiative (ETI)

The “Brandenburg Energy Technology Initiative” (“Brandenburgische Energie Technologie Initiative” or ETI) is a joint project of the Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy of the State of Brandenburg and the Chamber of Industry and Commerce Potsdam. As an information and communication platform aimed at creating a network consisting of small and medium-sized enterprises, the initiative participates in many measures taken for the implementation of the Energy Strategy 2030 of the State of Brandenburg.

CEBra - Centrum für Energietechnologie Brandenburg e.V.

The association CEBra e.V. (“Centre for Energy Technology Brandenburg”) is the provider and initiator of the regional network “Moderne Kraftwerkstechnik” (“Modern Power Station Technology”). The network deals with modern power station technology and is anchored in the state of Brandenburg in the field of action “Turbo machines and power station technology” of the Cluster Energy Technology Berlin-Brandenburg. It is the initiator of various interdisciplinary industry projects in the field of energy, and as such CEBra e.V. complements the structures of the Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus-Senftenberg and of the market-oriented company CEBra GmbH. Important pillars for the implementation of the association’s purposes are its networking activities, its transfer of knowledge and sector technologies, its conducting of research and development projects and its sector-specific public relations work, which, among other things, is being done through organising and carrying out energy-relevant events.

Kooperationsnetzwerk EuReffuS I Abwärmenutzung

The cooperation network EuReffuS is the leading network in the field of energy and resource efficiency and as such it offers innovative products and solutions in the field of efficiency technologies in industry and trade. In the framework of cooperative research and development projects, we develop new future-proof solutions.


GreenIT BB is a union of businesses and institutions striving to advance a more energy-efficient IT. The network initiates projects, pools information, mediates the exchange of expertise and sees itself as a Germany-wide competence centre for Green IT. In 2010 the network GreenIT-BB and its partners created the “GreenIT Best Practice AWARD”, which has since been handed out in the framework of the GreenIT Summit, which, in turn, centres around topics related to Green IT in Berlin.

green with IT e.V. Berlin-Brandenburg

Ranging from the smart electricity metre or the wireless light switch to the transmitting washing machine: smart home technologies will change the future of our lives and of economic activities in buildings. The network and association “green with IT e.V.” within the programme GRW is being supported by Berlin’s Senate Department for Economics, Technology and Research and it tests and implements new application fields for software and hardware. It does so in cooperation with innovative partners from the field of housing and facility management in the framework of specific pilot projects.

Innovative Energiesysteme Berlin-Brandenburg e. V.

In 2007, the network and association Solarregion Berlin-Brandenburg e.V. was created; today it is called Innovative Energiesysteme Berlin-Brandenburg e. V. and it is an innovative network and association for energy systems and energy efficiency. Due to its geographical position it pursues a close cooperation with companies and scientific institutes from Poland. The network is very interested in Poland, because it serves as an example of regions with a weaker grid expansion. The Technical University of Applied Sciences Wildau is responsible for the network management.

HWN 500

Supported by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy in the framework of the Central Innovation Programme for SMEs, the network wants to initiate research and development projects in order to develop innovative airborne wind power stations. These so-called airborne wind energy installations deploy flying objects, which are attached to a rope and can flexibly “follow the wind” and go to the places where it is the strongest; by doing so they can seize the power of the more reliable and stable wind at an altitude of up to 500 m much more efficiently than conventional wind power stations (on towers) can.

LMB - Netzwerk Leichtbau Metall Brandenburg

The Network Lightweight Design Metal Brandenburg is a union consisting of partners from the fields of science and economy with special expertise in metal lightweight design and hybrid lightweight design. The network supports its members in their search for lightweight design solutions, potential partners, suppliers and research institutes and it also provides information on suitable funding programmes. As a network in Brandenburg, the LMB is involved in the Cluster strategy of the state and it is in direct contact with the relevant partners of the clusters and the different economic development agencies in order to provide coordination and cooperation.