• Energie

The Berlin-Brandenburg Energy Technology Cluster

Berlin and Brandenburg are full of energy. About 6,000 companies with 56,000 employees generate a turnover of more than € 23 billion. In addition, more than 30 research facilities, universities and institutions of higher education have devoted themselves to energy technology.


R&D – Location for Wind Energy Systems

Wind test fields are not just first-rate places of innovation, but also create job openings for skilled workers and offer the chance to establish companies in the area. The goal is to set up a wind test field in Brandenburg for the research and development of wind energy systems and the certification of prototypes.


Storage Options for the Natural Gas Network

With regards to the energy transfer and the promotion of renewable energies, there is an increasing need to know how a steady power supply can be ensured when the direct supply is not consistent. How can excess energy be stored for times of energy shortage? One option is to produce hydrogen and store it. What kind of storage options might be available in the natural gas network for this purpose?


The Master Plan for the German Capital Region

The Berlin Brandenburg Energy Technology Master Plan was created in discussions among cluster players and reflects joint evaluations, objectives, priorities, and measures. These measures will successively be implemented in the years to come.


Cross-Border Activities

The partnership with Poland on the topic of energy continues to increase in importance. In order to further deepen cross-border cluster work and investigate possible new collaboration opportunities in R&E, another meeting of the agents took place on 4 September 2013 as part of a cluster-to-cluster exchange at the BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg. This meeting preceded a trip taken by a delegation from Cluster Energy Technology in February 2013 to the University of Applied Sciences Sulechów (PL).


Documentation on the Cluster Conference 2013

On 22 October 2013, the cluster management hosted the third Cluster Conference Energy Technology Berlin-Brandenburg. Detailed documentation on the event, the conclusions drawn from the workshops, presenters and the next steps to be taken by the cluster management of Energy Technology Berlin-Brandenburg is available online starting immediately.